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Halloween Mini Sessions 2021

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

This was the first year I held Halloween Minis and they were a hit. Here are a few things I learned during the process.

Halloween portrait, children stirring magic potion, children photographer, Miami, Miami photographer, Halloween, mini session

1) Get a good backdrop and you'll save money and work. Mine is from Allenjoy (one of my favorite, affordable brands)

2) It's not about having a lot of props and decor but having the right items and knowing how to place them. Let me explain: with this type of backdrop, you need to be concerned with disguising the seam between the fabric and the floor. So, I placed some of my props along that line, but slightly separated (about 6 inches away from the background). Towards the edges, I fanned out the decor increasing the distance to the back, but always keeping the items behind my subjects

3) Lighting to create the mood is essential. Well, lighting is always important, but in this case, you'll want to play with darkness and shadows, to create a spookier mood and also help the backdrop blend in.

4) Make your set safe. Be mindful of the ages of your models. Younger kids might get excited with all the magic going on. So, secure your lights, use plastic props when possible, and have the parents help, if necessary.

5) Give your models something to do. Make sure you have some props that can be played with. Cauldrons, magic wands, spell books, are things kids can play with and make the photos more fun.

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