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Christmas minis: done!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

This is my first year doing Christmas mini sessions. They were a success, but there were certainly challenges. What's the main thing I learned? Children over 12 months are to be avoided like the plague! LOL. Just kidding.... but no, seriously. Nah, it's fine. Hehe, it was a real challenge!

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So far I've worked with younger kids. And I might prefer to keep it that way. What I know now is that expectations need to be managed when working with children between 1 and probably 5 years old. They have a very short attention span and are full of energy.

I found the studio setting to be tricky. So, if I try portrait sessions again with kids in this age range, I'll try to do it outdoors, like at a park. That way both, the child and I can run around without any risks.

Here are the photos.

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