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Maternity Studio Photoshoot: Two Ways To Shoot Backlit

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

I typically prefer color photography over Black and white, and I have never done a dramatic, backlit pregnancy shoot before. However, I was inspired by countless hours on Pinterest, and decided to step out of my comfort zone. Here are the photos and some takeaways from my experience.

Where to begin... For the first image, I had help from my husband. I didn't own a grey or black backfrop, so he suggested to use my red one. Of course! It's black and white, nobody needs to know that! (Except for all of you, reading this) Also, he suggested I added a second light suorce to hit the background separately from the model. That worked out like a charm.

For the second photo I used my white fabric backdrop as both background and difussion. I placed a light source behind it and that helped me achieve the soft backlit look I was going for.

Here's two more from the session.

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