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Christmas Mini Sessions For An Entire Family

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Meet the Greens, Johnsons and Browns.

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One day in the middle of November I got an email from Carl. He wanted a family portrait session for his family of 12. The idea was to do a group photo with everyone and then individual sessions for each family group, which consisted of 3 to 4 people. Given that the holidays were approaching, he also wanted some of the photos to be festive and have a touch of Christmas.

After looking at all the possibilities, I decided to treat every part of the session like a "mini session." I blocked time for the group photo and then gave a time slot to each family. I also packed some simple Christmas decor to use in some of the photos.

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Carl's house was very close to a park, so we decided to do the photoshoot there. I scouted the location the week prior to the shoot to find the best possible angle to get beautiful light and a nice background.

I originally though of moving around the park, to use different spots. However, I quickly realized that in order to streamline the process, I needed to stay in one place and cycle the groups through my "set." This workflow, plus the use of my 85mm were the magic combo.

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